Monday, February 15, 2010

Cover 1.0 (woman Screaming)

Possible cover image for the book. (not sure yet ... it's art none-the-less)

scared woman 3

CLICK HERE! for the Hi-RES Image.

Thanks again,


  1. What is this book?! I am . . . intrigued. ~kelsey

  2. I would pick up this book to see what it is if I just wandered past it on a store shelf.

  3. Kelsey - It's a book that my friend and I are creating. Joshua D. Boeringa is working on writing 20 short stories that are new "Urban Legends" or "Spooky Campfire Tales". I'm illustrating the stories and helping with some light brainstorming for the ideas. It's kind of going to be aimed at the "TWEEN" crowd, but it should be great fun for everyone. Hopefully we will have it out by Halloween 2010. We are self-publishing it.

  4. Rich - That's good to know. So you think the image works well as a good marketing tool? That's always the tricky part. We are trying to think of a good title for the book too, still. We're taking suggestions if you want to throw some at us.

  5. That's awesome, Rob! I'm probably a tween at heart and so will love it regardless.

  6. I do think it's a good attention grabbing image, and very marketable. I'll think about names, though I have to say, the working title you mentioned from the beginning sounded intriguing to me as well.

    I really think you're onto something here.