Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Squid Kid" (*working title*) post 'EDIT'

I drew this up today. I like that the girl is wearing a sailor suit and that she has a baby that is a tentacled sea boy in her arms. Thought it was funny and compelling. Where did she get it? Why does she have it? I think a great Limerick should accompany the piece. Once again ... may not appear in the book ... but fun art for me to create none-the-less.

*EDIT* ... the book is now going to have images with limericks and poems throughout it. Here is the first LIMERICK to go with my image. Limerick by Joshua D. Boeringa.

There lived a wee lad with eight tentacles,
who sneaked out to hunt in the crepuscle,
came upon he a childe,
forsaken, reviled,
and he fed in a loud, bloody spectacle.
-Joshua D. Boeringa


Click HERE! for the High-Res Pic.


  1. I keep coming back to this image. Really good stuff.

    I can't post "AWESOME PICTURE" every time you put a new image up without getting repetitive, but I'm really liking the style of these. All of 'em.

  2. Thanks! Heh ... yeah, I get it. Don't feel the need to post every time! It's cool. But if one strikes you a little more, make sure and let me know. I'm fondest of "The Frontiersman" personally. But I've always liked the idea of a big lobster claw for a hand.